Tuesday, October 10, 2017

July/August Miscellaneous

July 7:  Park Fun!

July 19:  Cupcake Decorating!
July 19:  Brothers
July 22:  Harry Potter Movie Night
July 28:  Peter Rubi Shopping
August 4:  Raging Waves

August 5:  Children's Museum
August 7:  Village Christian Church "At the Movies"
August 10:  Splash Station
August 10:  Sleepover!
August 10:  What my Kitchen Looks like during Summer Fun...

August 11:  Breakfast in Bed

August 11:  Luke & Sarah at the Country Mansion
August 15:  Macey's Unicorn Ice Cream
August 18:  Big Kids back to school--Carver & Mommy Celebrating!
August 19:  Small Group Ice Cream Sandwich Party
August 21:  Our Garden (aka--Monster Cherry Tomato Plant!)

Girl's Weekend

August 27-28, 2016: I love my momtribe!  We meet every Tuesday morning for Bible study and we just do life together.  We mom together, laugh together, cry together, encourage each other, help when needed, and we have LOTS of fun while we do it all!  We try for a couple overnights each year.  Our favorite place to go is Michigan.  We spend the day in St. Joes shopping and eating lunch.  We stay at Sandi's cabin and spend our night grilling out, playing games, and obviously being very silly...  I love these girls!  They make me a better mom.
Missing a few of our mamas...

Happy Birthday to My LOVE

August 24, 2016: 34 Years Old!

Super Run

August 20, 2016:  I really want to pass my love (mostly love) of running to my kiddos.  Sometime in January I saw a groupon pop up for a super hero 5k run.  I thought this would be a perfect run to try with Kinnick.  I asked him if he wanted to and he was up for the challenge!  We did lots of training runs leading up to race day.  He was not always happy about training but he stuck with it.  We slowly built up our distance to 3 miles.  On race day he got discouraged, there were tears, we pushed through and he FINISHED the race.  I believe his time was around 35 minutes.  He told me it would be awhile before he wanted to try again--I was ok with that.  Marc, Sadie, Macey, and Carver all came to cheer us on.  After the race we enjoyed a celebratory breakfast at IHOP.  I know this kid can do anything he puts his mind to... I'm excited to watch him grow! 

Running for the Finish Line

First Day of School

August 17, 2016:  Another School Year!!!


We celebrated with ICECREAM at the Minooka Creamery!